Environmental Scan

Both pilot phases of the Minding Our Bodies project began by conducting an environmental scan to gather information about physical activity and healthy eating programs for people with mental illness and to identify start-up challenges and program success factors.

We invited all community mental health organizations in Ontario — including organizations that currently have such a program as well as those that don’t — to share their knowledge based on practical experience.

In phase one, "Physical Activity for Mental Health" (2008-2010), more than 140 organizations responded to our request and completed the online survey. Eight organizations participated in follow-up one-on-one, in-depth interviews.

In phase two, "Eating Well for Mental Health" (2009-2011), there were 77 responses to the online survey. Additional research and follow-up interviews were also conducted.

Findings from the two online surveys are summarized in the following reports:

We thank all of those who completed the surveys for sharing your valuable time.