The pilot stage of the Minding Our Bodies (MOB) project was delivered in two overlapping phases. The first phase, focusing on the connection between physical activity and mental health, was initiated in 2008. The second phase, promoting healthy eating and food security for people with mental illness, was initiated in 2009. Six pilot sites took part in each phase.

MOB received two project grants from the Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion and Sport that included funding to conduct a formal evaluation. An evaluation consultant was hired in 2008 to evaluate phase one. In 2010, researchers from the York Institute for Health Research (YIHR) at York University began working closely with the MOB project team to develop a new evaluation approach based on MOB’s program goals.

The final evaluation report for each pilot phase includes both case studies for each site and an evaluation of the MOB program as a whole. The objective of the evaluation for MOB was not only to help shape and understand the rollout of the overall program, but also to evaluate the success of initiatives undertaken by the pilot sites. A key challenge of the MOB program was to encourage self-evaluation on the part of partner programs regarding how well healthy lifestyle components figure into programming and contribute to the support and recovery of mental health service users.

An evaluation will also be conducted during the final rollout phase of the project (2011-2013).

Phase One: Physical Activity for Mental Health (2008-2010)

Submitted by Nancy Dubois, Evaluation Consultant, DU B FIT

Note: Phase one pilot site case studies are embedded within the final evaluation report.

Phase Two: Eating Well for Mental Health (2009-2011)

Submitted by Michaela Hynie, York Institute for Health Research, Program Evaluation Unit, York University, and Carolyn Steele Gray, University of Toronto

Case Studies

Casebook on Evaluation for Learning in Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

Produced by the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Chronic Disease Interventions Division. Minding Our Bodies is one of six descriptive narratives of specific evaluation examples included in the Casebook. Available in English and French.

Phase Three: Healthy Eating and Physical Activity for Mental Health (20011-2013)

Submitted by Michaela Hynie, York Institute for Health Research, Program Evaluation Unit, York University